Do you have plans of owning a dog or cat? Well, before you consider the idea of buying a kitten or any other pet, it is wise to be equipped with the best care tips. The way you care for your puppy is not the same way you should when it comes to other animals. In the discussion below, we have outlined the best pet care tips from well-trained veterinarians.

Regular examination is very important

Just like human beings, cat or dogs experience problems to do with a heart attack, arthritis and tooth decay among other health related complications. Therefore, it becomes very essential to seek the services of a veterinarian at least once per year. Regular examination is among the surest ways to keep your pet healthy. Annual veterinary examination will guide when it comes to nutrition as well as weight control of the pets. In addition, the experts will inform you about recommended parasite control, vaccinations and dental examination once you visit the animal hospital.

Prevent parasites

Check out this video from the AVMA on parasites.

Fleas among the common parasites can plague your pets when unless you find a way of dealing with them. Moreover, fleas are likely to introduce other parasites on your pets without your knowledge. Year round prevention can help in dealing with problems of parasites among your pets. Regular heartworm, flea and intestinal parasite control can help you to raise healthy pets.

Maintain healthy weight


Bulldog eating pizza

Bulldog eating pizza

Most cats and dogs in the US are obese or overweight because the owners do not know how to take care of them. Before you give your dog pizza or any other type of food, you need to know that obesity comes with a number of healthy complications such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis among others. One of the things that contribute towards obesity in pets is overfeeding. Pets require few calories than most of us think. Talk to a qualified veterinarian about the right feeding suggestions so that you do not end up with an obese dog or cat.

Regular vaccination

To maintain a healthy pet, it is high time you considered the idea of vaccinating her against chills, rabbis, feline leukemia and canine hepatitis among other health issues. The number of times to immunize your pet depends on age, health, lifestyle as well as risks among others.

Offer your pet with an enriched environment

Another key thing that will contribute towards the health and welfare of your pet is an enriched environment. You need to buy for them toys and window perches among other things that they can play to avoid boredom, develop their muscles as well as strengthen the bond between you and them.
Dental care

It is normal for pets to suffer from gum and other tooth related diseases. Oral cleaning and regular brushing are among the best ways that you can embrace to avoid such complications. Over 80% of dogs as well as 70% of cats suffer from dental diseases at the age of three years. Therefore, dental care is among the things you cannot afford to ignore.