Unhappy Puppy No PizzaVeterinarians, veterinary technicians, and receptionists all have times where they have to work longer hours than usual at their pet clinic. This is true whether you operate a small animal practice or cater exclusively to cows, horses, and other large animals. Human beings work best with a regular 40 hour work week but sometimes, animals have a need for care that extends beyond the regular schedule of qualified individuals. In these cases, extra nutrition can help to keep you going until the wee hours of the morningĀ if that is what is necessary to save a life.

Save Time

Whether you are doing a surgery on a Rottweiler that injured its paw while chasing after a moving vehicle or have to care for a horse that has come down with a severe case of grass sickness, your chief priority is likely to be the animal in your care. At times like these, you may be so focused on healing pets that you forget about your own needs. Even if you do remember that you’ve worked long hours without a break since morning, you may not have the time to do anything about it.

An energy drink can give you a boost when you have to perform emergency surgery. A few cups of coffee help too. However, without something to eat, you may still feel hunger pangs. Ordering food for your local pet clinic team from a pizzeria lets everyone have something to eat and no one has to stop working to attend to it.

Take Care Of Your Health

Vets near me and veterinary technicians sometimes neglect their own health due to their hectic work schedules. It is important to exercise, eat well and rest so you keep yourself as healthy as possible. Doing less will mean that you won’t be in the best condition to deliver great care to the patients at your animal hospital. Many pet clinics see emergency cases often. Sometimes, plans you have to go home and have a nice meal are disrupted when a puppy comes in with diarrhea or vomiting five minutes before you were prepared to close for the day.

A pizzaria can come in handy at times like these. With proper planning, a pizza can supply you with nutrients from carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. Selecting a good mix of toppings can help you to keep your energy levels high so that you can concentrate fully on what you are doing. Our work schedules are guided by our energy levels and we get more work done when we are getting a good supply of energy from wheat and the other carbohydrates which are present in pizza.

Help Your Team To Relax

Consistently putting off eating can eventually lead to ulcers and even weight gain. It can also affect your mood. Not eating can make you cranky and even affect your decision making. Members of veterinary healthcare teams are more likely to snap at each other when they feel unappreciated. If you have a team of health care practitioners working late after already putting in a long shift, it is wise to order a pizza and try to take care of their needs in other ways.